Looking for That Perfect Sales Job?


TeneoTalent, Inc. has revolutionized the job placement industry for sales professionals. We’re becoming the place where candidates like you, go first to find sales opportunities that fit their talents.

A job search can be a lonely process for even the most able sales professional. But you don’t have to do it alone, and if you choose, you can have your very own expert advisor. The right advisor can help you to connect with the right opportunities and support you in landing your perfect job.

It’s Free, Simple and Private

We use an online assessment and proprietary technology to find opportunities that match:

  • Your skills and talent
  • Job culture and environment
  • Your unique style and character

Getting started is simple and quick. Register with us, and we’ll send you a confirmation email and detailed instructions about how to proceed. Upload your resume, take a free sales assessment and you’ve begun. We may ask more from you than a traditional job board or recruiting firm, but in return, we’ll find your ideal match.