About Us

TeneoTalent, Inc. is an online sales recruiting agency. Candidates around the country come to find sales employment opportunities that are a fit for their talents.  Employers rely on us to locate the best available sales talent for their job openings.

TeneoTalent differs from other sales recruiting agencies by using proprietary matching technology to objectively assess:

  • A candidate’s “genetic” ability to sell
  • The types of products or services s/he is inclined to sell most successfully
  • The kind of environment that is best suited for him/her to stay motivated, thrive, and remain satisfied with the employer

Using innovative coaching products and services, we offer career development support to every person who visits our site, whether or not we can find a suitable job for him or her. We remain at a candidate’s side at every step of the way through a job hunt, and we stay in frequent touch to make sure the experience is positive.

You will find a wealth of support services and career advice, including free webinars and teleclasses given by professional staffing agents and career coaches, affordable and downloadable products, and traditional group or private career coaching sessions.