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Begin the transition toward a more fulfilling and rewarding career!

Step 1Register

The first step is to register on our site. We promise your identity will remain anonymous. Your personal information will only be available to our coaches, staffing agents and to any employer you have authorized us to share it with.

Once you enter a chosen user name and valid email address, you will receive (i) a confirmation email which contains your automatically generated password and instructions about how to proceed, and (ii) a second message asking if you would like to subscribe to our periodic newsletters and event notifications.

Step 2Upload Resume

Return to TeneoTalent.com, login with the password that you received in the first e-mail above, proceed to the “My Resume” page, and upload your resume to the site.  The upload will enable you to access the free sales assessment described below.

Step 3Create Profile

After you have uploaded your resume, proceed to the “My Profile” page, and complete the basic profile information that is asked there.  You can change your password here if you wish.

Step 4Get Some Advice

Because job seekers are at different points in their careers and job searches, we provide an array of options for those who need support the most, and for those who need it the least. Need help with your resume, preparing for an interview or just need some advice on a career move? Our career coaches offer a suite of services from which to choose:
• Private Career Coaching
• Webinars
• Audio Sessions
• E-Workbooks

Step 5Take Assessment

After you have successfully uploaded your resume and completed your profile information, take approximately half an hour to complete the free sales assessment that is provided by our partner, SHL Group.  This is a critical element to help us determine your core sales strengths and skills. Please return to your “My Assessment” page after you have completed the questionnaire, and your report will be available there to download.  We will contact you after we have had an opportunity to review your complete profile.

Click here to see a detailed description of the sales assessment and click View sample report (PDF) to see a sample of the sales report.