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Welcome to Our New Model of Sales Recruiting

Good salespeople are always in demand.  But finding candidates of high caliber to fill your sales position is not always an easy job.

ManpowerGroup surveyed 32,000 employers in 23 countries and discovered the one position companies generally had trouble filling was a sales representative.  Regardless of the economic conditions, the struggle to find quality employees remains.

TeneoTalent is focused on helping dynamic employers (like you) help fill critical sales positions. We’re a hybrid between a recruiting and coaching firm –and- a job board. We use the best features of each, along with a suite of assessments and matching technology, to help you identify the best sales talent to meet your needs.

Finding needles in the haystack

Today, there’s an enormous field of talent from which to choose. At TeneoTalent, we take on the burden of sorting through candidates and assessing their potential for you.

  • First, our innovative matching technology identifies only best-fit sales professionals for your position. We handle the resumes, identify qualified candidates, and give all applicants closure. You never know…the applicant could be a customer, investor or future referral source.
  • Second, each qualified candidate is given a sales assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses, “inner core” sales competencies and predicted sales performance. Does the candidate have the kind of sales “DNA” you need? We’ll tell you.

View sample report (PDF).

  • Third, we consult with every candidate before your first interview. Armed with the written, formal assessment, we review the candidate’s sales acumen real time.

Streamlining your hiring and deployment process

Once you’ve determined the need for new sales talent, bring us in to help get your hiring process started. At TeneoTalent, we’re with you every step of the way.

While assessing sales expertise and skill sets are extremely important in the hiring process, the cultural fit between candidate and employer is often overlooked. Fit can be the final piece to making the right selection the first time.

  • We offer every employer a hiring assessment to help identify their unique sales culture and determine the skills sets and competencies needed for a specific sales job.
  • We can help you craft an accurate and compelling job description, to ensure you attract the right candidates.

Once interviews are complete, and you hire your new sales employee, our work doesn’t stop. TeneoTalent will assist you and your new salesperson to facilitate a smooth transition.

We offer a motivational assessment to your new hire to identify their sales drives.  The assessment can help direct your training and development activities between your new salesperson and their manager

View sample report (PDF)

  • Finally, we provide up to three months of on-boarding support through our certified career coaches.

Our sales assessments

TeneoTalent has partnered with SHL Group Ltd. – the leading global provider of workplace talent assessment solutions – to assess the sales competency of each candidate and how he or she is motivated to perform.

Introduction to Candidate of our Sales Strength Report

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