Join the Elite

Relatively few people are born to be successful at sales. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted into our placement pool, you have an excellent chance of being matched to one or more of our jobs. Outstanding success requires a very fine balance in your makeup between genuine human empathy for the customer and a single-minded determination to close the sale - something you either possess or don’t.

Do you have what it takes to perform at a high level in sales? Do you have experience and a track record? Are you independent, results oriented, and able to build trust? Or are you new to sales and want to enter the field in an entry-level position?

Our assessment technology will tell us a lot about you. Our recruiters and career coaches will offer all the support you need to find the right fit and thrive. But we can only place individuals assessed through our sales profile. This three-step process filters the best sales talent. By following our process, you will learn quickly whether you have been chosen to participate in our placement pool.

Why are we so rigorous in our process? Because companies know they can trust us to find the best talent. Candidates know we can be trusted to help find the best company for them.

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