Career Matching

Imagine being matched to a sales position, knowing you will be successful in it!

Using our proprietary matching process, we will be able to determine if you can sell, what you would be most successful at selling, the ideal environment for you, and the kind of leadership that will help you thrive. Most salespeople instinctively choose the right career path but end up stuck in the wrong working environment.

Sales people are special individuals who need positive motivation and the freedom to use their own methods and style. They also need a compatible team and a leader who believes in them.

When you answer our questionnaire fully, we can compare your unique profile and personality factors to our database of sales job opportunities. Just as an online dating site brings compatible individuals together, our proprietary matching technology creates a multidimensional picture of you and compares it to an equally detailed profile of employers and jobs.

We’ll help find an opportunity where you can be satisfied, because you are appreciated for who you really are. We want to support you in achieving your highest potential by helping you find not just a job, but a rewarding career.

Teneo Talent