3 Rights are the Formula for Sales Success

September 6, 2012

Seeing the R ight people with the R ight frequency and in the R ight numbers is vital in any sales cycle. The key to finding time to see enough prospects and follow up with them is daily planning.  Otherwise, the events that come in and out of your day control your time.  Start with a good contact manager program or daily planner, if you are not already using one, which will remind you about scheduled calls.  Equally important is using a planning calendar that covers at least one quarter.  If your selling cycle is longer than three months use a six month or twelve month calendar.  For those selling to a defined list of jobbers, dealers, resellers, or end users on a routine basis create a recurring itinerary.  Add names weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending upon the frequency required to gain and maintain their business.  Without a scheduled plan and priority call list, potential prospects and clients are more likely to be overlooked or missed, and you risk losing them to a more organized competitor.

In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry - Roger Staubach

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