5 Reasons You Need a Career Coach to Help With Your Job Search

February 23, 2011

By Samantha MacDonald

Every single step you take in your job search process has to be defined, refined, and clear in order for you to land your dream job. If there is one thing you’re doing wrong (or one right thing you’re not doing), it could be derailing the entire process.

So what can you do to fix that?

TeneoTalent is offering a teleclass that will get your job searching ducks in a row. Here are the top 5 things you will discover:

  1. How to fix your résumé: learn how to make sure employers give it a second, third, and fourth glance.
  2. How to manage your time: how wisely are you using the time you spend looking for a job?
  3. How to optimize your strategy: learn how to create a game plan and how to use the tools you need to make it work.
  4. Where to focus your attention: hone in on the exact job you want and let others know about it.
  5. How to improve your interview skills: learn how to wow your future employer, whether over the phone or in person.

When considering your own job search process, it’s impossible to be objective. Let our experienced career coaches and sales professionals show you the way to put your job search on the path to success.

Beginning March 7, TeneoTalent is offering a four-week intensive career coaching teleclass where participants will receive 5 hours of individualized sales job search coaching for only $97. Join certified career coach Brenda Cody and sales professional Keith Lewis for weekly 75-minute group coaching sessions that will help get you on the job search fast track. Class space is limited, so sign up today!



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