Do You Understand Your Employees?

April 14, 2011

By Edwin Dean

The different working generations take very different views of the importance of various factors involved in success at work.

Three men of various ages looking at a piece of paper together.

Working generations view success at work differently.

Hiring managers already have a tough job simply replacing the large number of Baby Boomers (population 77 million) who are retiring in increasing numbers.  The Gen X workers who are replacing them have attitudes towards work not too unlike the Boomers, but they are a much smaller group (45 million), and by the time Gen Y arrives in force (80 million), their managers will have to learn to deal with a whole new set of skills, disciplines, attitudes and interests.

In the face of this generational change, coupled with changing technology, it’s more important than ever for employers to figure out the cultural aspects of the workplace in order to be able to identify, find and keep the best suited workers.

Some of these elements featured in the table below can be addressed through training, others probably not. This is why TeneoTalent strives to match sales people with companies that reflect their values. Through our sales assessment, we can compare the jobseeker’s unique profile and personality factors to our database of sales job opportunities to find an environment where he or she will thrive.

This table is found in the 2007 Randstad USA World of Work.

Perceived Elements of Success in the Workplace Gen Y Gen X Baby Boomer Matures
Use computers 66% 79% 82% 78%
Meet deadlines 62% 75% 77% 84%
Multitasking 59% 68% 70% 66%
Willingness to learn new things 58% 74% 80% 84%
Speak clearly and concisely 55% 72% 72% 78%
Arriving to work on time 53% 56% 62% 66%
Get along with people 53% 71% 78% 81%
Organizational skills 50% 67% 73% 70%
Write clearly and concisely 47% 61% 69% 68%
Set priorities 46% 61% 72% 73%
Work in groups 44% 46% 48% 42%
Willingness to work long hours 28% 34% 35% 32%
Lead groups 28% 36% 38% 34%
Management skills 28% 45% 54% 56%
Undergraduate/Bachelors degree 25% 30% 28% 31%
Professional attire 20% 22% 20% 21%
Technical/trade school certification 10% 18% 13% 14%
Graduate/Masters degree or higher 9% 15% 17% 18%
Associate’s degree 8% 16% 12% 11%
  • Generation Y is defined as adults whose birth year falls between 1980 and 1988.
  • Generation X is defined as adults whose birth year falls between 1965 and 1979
  • Baby Boomer is defined as adults whose birth year falls between 1946 and 1964
  • Mature is defined as adults whose birth year falls before 1945.

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