Getting the Sales Job Where You Will Thrive

April 13, 2012

It has been said that anything is easy – if you only know how. No one knows more about interviewing than Teneo Talent. As founder of TT, I’ve been representing people like you for years. In fact, we are probably as close to being interview experts as one can hope to be. This automatically makes your chance of locating the best opportunities that much easier.

Company interviewers are eager to fill their job openings as soon as possible and will contact Teneo Talent because of the kind of sales talent we attract. The TeneoTalent counselor will refer specific candidates, like you, whom they feel have the skills and the personality to match the company’s needs.

Changing jobs requires teamwork between you and your Teneo Talent counselor. The more thought you have given to what you have to offer a company and what you feel is important for you to receive from a job, the more effective your Teneo Talent counselor can be on your behalf. Remember, companies have needs. Prepare yourself to sell your background and achievements to best demonstrate why you are the best candidate to fill these needs. After all, who knows more about your strengths, talents, and capabilities than you?

Knowing that you are the best candidate for a position is simply not enough. You must be prepared to show the company that you can do the job and tell them why they should hire you. Do this by giving examples of what you have done previously for other companies or activities requiring the same skills and qualities which they are presently seeking. Give these examples with completeness and confident enthusiasm.

Company interviewers are trying to determine during the interview if you are the one who can best do the job. Therefore, expect them to ask questions which they feel will give them clues in judging how capable you are. You can anticipate what some of the questions may be:

* Why did you leave your last position, or why are you planning to leave?
* What did you enjoy most about your work experiences to date?
* What are you “really” looking for in your next job?
* What type of references will your previous employers give you?
* Why do you believe that you are the best person for the position that they have open?

Company interviewers may ask questions of this sort so they can catch a glimpse of the “real” you from answers you give. Be prepared with the answers – honest answers – which support your contention that you are the best person for the job.

Salary is only one of the many reasons why we change jobs. Opportunity for advancement within the company, opportunity for your own career development, a warm and friendly work environment, complete benefit package….all are important to you

Your Teneo Talent counselor is in the best position to assist you in evaluating your true dollar worth in today’s marketplace and assist you in handling the question of salary during the interview. If you feel that your skills are worth more, then they will tell you exactly how much more. If they feel your demands are less than realistic in light of what comparable skills are bringing, they will inform you. Your Teneo Talent counselors are here to help you find that sales position where you will thrive. We are your agents. Listen to our advice.s


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