Not Your Typical Recruiter

May 12, 2011

by Malinda Mosholder

With so many recruiting agencies out there, revolutionizing the way recruiters operate can be a daunting endeavor. Luckily for people involved in sales, Kathy Dean, creator of TeneoTalent, is an innovator who truly has your best interests in mind. After years of traditional recruiting in New York City, and realizing that the job search process is broken, Kathy created a new model of sales recruiting that uses assessments for both candidates and employers….the ‘eHarmony’ of sales recruiting.


Recruiting is broken. TeneoTalent has picked up the pieces and fixed it.

When I asked Kathy what made her realize that the job search process was ‘broken’, she offered some great insight. “Employers are tired of paying high fees for candidates that end up not being the right fit–our assessment process covers that.  Candidates are tired of not being responded to when they post on job boards and through employer websites, and after a while, they begin to lose their confidence.”

Speaking with Kathy is always an interesting experience. Her passion, vision, and knowledge are always completely transparent, and you are aware at all times that she is fully invested in whatever your current conversation may be. To me, my favorite question to ask anyone is, “What are you passionate about, and what drives that passion?”  Kathy’s passion is contagious, and I find that to be incredibly endearing and motivating in a person. “My passions are supporting long term fits for both candidates and employers and my attempt is to create the next model of recruiting. Our sales report and free webinars are designed to support candidates, and we always get back to them with feedback and support. It’s important to be able to say, ‘if I can’t find you a job, at least I can support you in taking next steps.’ The process has become too streamlined and dehumanizing.” That’s where TeneoTalent, the ever-evolving fruit of Kathy’s passion, comes into play.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know a whole lot about sales or recruiting, but Kathy is always willing to share (and a lot of times repeat) information to help me truly understand. When I asked, for maybe the fifth time, for her to describe to me the source of her drive behind TeneoTalent, she obliged (as always)–”I believe our model, both interactive and virtual is the direction recruiting is going….away from brick and mortar and more internet-based, with firms hiring nationally. What makes us so unusual is that we have integrated recruiting, coaching, and assessments under one roof.”

TeneoTalent is a hybrid between a recruiting firm and a job board. It seamlessly uses the best features of both, along with matching technology & assessments, to identify the best sales talent to meet employers needs. It is important now, more than ever, to hire talented sales people with the right background, skills and culture fits.

Because TeneoTalent is internet based, and specialize in sales, they have a wide net of sales candidates for employers to choose from, and an array of jobs to match job seekers with. I have personally taken their assessment, and I recommend it to every single person who strives to be in tune with him or her self.

True passion and drive is exciting and inspirational to be around, and in the case of TeneoTalent, I would use it simply because of the people powering it. If you are looking for support from people who truly believe in you and what you are doing, then sign up with TeneoTalent right now! Kathy will reach out to you, and guide you every step of the way with passion and a careful eye.


photo by: vial3tt3r


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