Sales Jobs Expected To Rebound

June 7, 2010

Sales job openings showed the greatest plunge (44 percent) between 2008 and 2009, as business activity contracted and employers cut these positions to salvage bottom lines.

These jobs include inside as well as outside sales jobs – the men and women who work at the counters in department stores as well as those on the road maintaining a sales territory. And while growth in sales job openings will be dramatic this year (more than 50 percent), the resultant growth will still fall below the 2008 levels.

What is the best employer category to investigate for a new job right now? The numbers indicate that it remains heathcare, which tops the list this year with more than a million job openings – roughly one out of every six available this year. Health care jobs are expected to continue to hold first place next year as well, as job openings swell a forecast 16.4 percent to over 600,000.

Despite the number of openings available, getting a heathcare job will not be easy. The projected openings this year make up only six percent of the total jobs in the industry, and almost 820,000 people already plan to fill them if they can – a ratio of 1.3 possible applicants for every job that’s open. Above – average opportunities are also available in business services, state and local government, retail, restaurants and food service, and other personal services.

Teneotalent.com, based in Colorado, is in the business of finding sales people jobs for long-term fits using assessments both for the employer and job seeker. We believe that a cultural match between employer and employee creates an environment where people thrive.


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