Sales People–Maximize Yourself and Shatter Stereotypes!

March 22, 2011

by Malinda Mosholder

“To be good in sales you have to be good at bull-shitting your customers.” This bright, shining quote-beacon of hope was uttered to me by a job-seeking friend. Who just graduated from Cornell. Which is an Ivy League school. Ivy League teachings can’t even break people of the sales person stereotype, but incredible sales people can.

Used car salesman shop here

Would you trust these jackets?

Consumers – I’m sure you have an image that you picture every time that you are headed out to buy something from a salesperson. I’m SO guilty of this, too. I get myself all worked up over preparing for the battle that I am about to engage in with the balding, sleazy, 1970′s sport jacket-wearing prima donna that will try to sell me a 1982 Ford Fiesta when all I’m really looking for is a new washing machine. And guess what? I’ve never encountered this. I’m always pleasantly surprised by a genuine, clean, and knowledgeable sales person with a current wardrobe who is just excited about getting me exactly what I want.

Sales people – I’m sure you’ve encountered people like me a couple hundreds of times, and that you may have rolled your eyes at such a description. I’m not offended, but just know that I am changing my ways.

We are not sales people at Teneotalent, we just realize that the only stereotype we have towards sales people is that they are the most fun to be around. Society is so inundated with the sleaze ball, fire-tongued depiction of the sales person through media, that it clearly permeates the mindset of the consumer. Sales people simply cannot leave it up to the consumer to change their own mind. However, they can identify and harness the very power of their sales make-up,

Teneotalent wants you, the sales person, to unlock your greatest strengths, to nail down what motivates you, and to identify what makes you stumble. Self-awareness is the single most important factor to sales success, and our Sales Strength Report measures your fundamental strengths and weaknesses in the Sales Cycle.  For example, are you as comfortable closing the sale as you believe you are? Do you have what it takes to build desire in your clients? Can you successfully farm your accounts?

So, join the revolution! Shatter stereotypes as you maximize yourself and your job satisfaction! The next time that anyone thanks you for your help, states how fun you are, or comments on your sharp new blazer–go ahead and let them know that you are a sales person and that it simply is your true nature.

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Mary Calahan March 24, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Thanks for sharing Kathy, this hits the nail on the head. To bring this to a personal level, when I switched into Sales from analysis (because my personality screams “SALES – FUN, PASSIONATE, LIFE!!” not trying to put in a plug for myself, I just am one of those people who wakes up ready to GO!) I was a bit embarrassed about my new position when I would talk to people I didn’t know well. I would hem and haw, because even in my head, I didn’t want to be perceived as the pushy, manipulating sales person. What I have learned with training and with experience, is absolute belief in the fact that potential customers will be better off when they buy our SaaS solution than they are currently. In addition, as long as I belive in myself, have the courage to use my talents, a sense of humor, listen attentively, and stay open-minded, I can make a difference!! Thanks again! Mary

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