Sauce for the Goose

July 26, 2010

By Edwin Dean
Although it’s fairly simple to figure out the advantages to employers of using pre-hire personality assessments to screen potential candidates, did you ever stop to consider the benefits to the employees who were fortunate enough to get selected in this process? For instance, in 2004 SHL did a case study of a project it performed for Neiman Marcus to analyze a new selection process utilizing assessments and found that (i) sales staff turnover was reduced by 18%, (ii) sales per hour per sales associate was increased by 15.4% and (iii) hiring time was reduced from several days to 24 hours. See http://www.shl.com/OurClients/CaseStudies/Pages/NeimanMarcus.aspx

Guess what?
(i) Lower turnover presumably means that the salespeople involved were happier.
(ii) Higher sales per hour per sales associate means that they were making higher commissions.
(iii) Reduced hiring time sounds like a good thing for the applicant.

Not to mention that their managers are better equipped to put these sales associates in front of the right customers, armed with the right skills, behaviors, aptitudes, competencies and information and thus achieve better results. It’s a win-win.

Teneotalent based in Denver, supports salespeople and employers in hiring for long-term fits.


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