Ten Factors to Research Before Your Interview

March 20, 2013

Job interview is the time where you can show case yourself, however, many candidates are not well prepared for the interview. In order to make an impression, you also need to research into what you can offer to the company, and how you can contribute to make the difference.

You should conduct a detailed research on the company before the interview.

1.    The Company Structure

Company structure determines how the company is managed. I was once interviewed by a fund manager, who has 3000 employees, however, 95% of shares are controlled by the Chairman, so you can see the company structure already, everything needed to be approved by the Chairman.

You can also research on the company’s parent company. In the US, for instance, where increasing number of foreign companies are setting up new headquarters and expansions, it can mean new opportunities are being planned, so it could be a good idea to join a small but expanding company instead of an existing large company.

2.    Company Products or Services

While you may think it is a common sense to research into their products and services before the interview, statistics show that majority of candidates are ill prepared on this point.

The very first question asked is often “What do you know about our company”, more than 50% of candidates could not get through this basic question and were eliminated from the very start.

You should research the company’s products / services into details, it is not good enough just to know the very basic. I made that mistake during my first interview when I simply said, “You are an insurance company” without knowing that the company only specializes in commercial reinsurance.

3.    Their Market Share For Their Products and Services

Check out their market share for their key products & services. Can you identify their main competitors, are they gaining or losing market share? If possible, also research into their sales & marketing strategies and channels. Perhaps you can identify new strategies to regain their market share, or if you can find unique competitive advantages or disadvantages about their products. This is a very useful strategy to impress interviewers.



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