To Sell or Not to Sell

April 7, 2010

Before you dismiss a career in sales because you feel you don’t have the right personality for it, think again…we are here to dispel old myths and attitudes about what selling is all about. Selling is not about being aggressive, assertive, gregarious, pushy or confident, like the stereotypical male used car salesman. Selling is about connecting, and what many companies are finding is that women are their top sales people because they are excellent at connecting with people.

Sales has more to do with listening skills than about being a know it all. It’s more about believing in what you are selling than in being pushy or aggressive. Women do best in sales when they believe in their product or service; believing that their product will improve somebody’s life. The other reason women do so well in sales is because many of them have spent their lives multi-tasking, organizing and living with deadlines.

To do well in sales you need to be a self-starter, proactive, disciplined, well organized and good at managing your time. What mother hasn’t had to learn these skills? You also have to listen closely, negotiate, enroll and find ways to get people to do things they might have resistance to. What mother hasn’t done that with their children or husband? Managing a family has really set many of you up for being incredible sales people, and you haven’t ever thought of it.

There are many satisfying sales jobs in the Denver area and if you need support in sales strengths supportfinding the best industry, product or culture fit, speak with one of our career coaches who will offer guidance. Once you’ve discovered your unique sales strengths from filling out our free assessment, then let teneotalent support you in finding a job where you will thrive.

A career in selling offers the ultimate in career flexibility with high earning potential. You are essentially your own boss. You can create many of your working hours on your own time and organize your approach your own way. Isn’t running a family similar?

Each sales position requires different strengths. A financial services position would require a fairly good math aptitude and the ability to understand complicated financial products, while working as a placement counselor in an employment agency might require the ability to read people well and coach by offering advice and recommendations. The key is to think about what you enjoy doing, identify the fields that might interest you, and find what you would enjoy selling.

You have probably spent lots of your time selling when you didn’t even know it, so think out of the box, use your independence and ability to juggle to create a satisfying and productive career where autonomy and flexibility is built in.


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