What is a Webinar?

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a class that is held over the internet (web). Each participant logs onto a bridge link which is a web page where all participants are accessing the same page.  You can listen to the webinar via your computer or via a telephone bridge line. Following are the guidelines for ensuring each webinar is conducive to learning for everyone. Please review these guidelines if you are new to webinars and webinar learning.

Logging on

* You will be provided a link to click to from TeneoTalent.  Log in a few minutes before the beginning of the class. Note the day, time, phone number and link for the webinar in your calendar. You don’t want to miss the webinar because you can’t locate this information!

* Log in and call in on time. Just like attending a class in an actual classroom, showing up late can cause a disruption and you don’t want to miss any material!!

* After you’ve dialed the provided phone number, you’ll be asked (by a recording) for the pass code for the class. (Typically 6 digits) You will have been given the pass code by TeneoTalent when you were given the phone number. Enter the pass code when instructed, followed by the # key.

* If you have trouble getting through, check the number and the pass code to make sure you have dialed it correctly. Also, double check the time and the time zone. If you need assistance in converting the time and time zone check here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Your Phone Information

* Please use a corded phone (land line) if at all possible. Other phone lines (cell phone, Skype) tend to cause interference with the conference line and can disrupt the clarity for everyone on the call. If you have to use a cordless home phone, please be mindful of any trouble (echoes or static) your line might bring with it. Also, please do not use the speakerphone feature on your phone as that creates echoes and it does not provide the clearest line for us to hear you.

* Just like attending an in-person class, it’s important you are not distracted during class time, so please be in a quiet place where you can focus on the material and conversation.

* It’s essential you understand how to mute yourself on the line. Your phone may have its own mute button. Please become familiar with how to use it. If your phone does not have a mute button, the conference call line has this technology: to mute yourself, press *6 on your telephone. If you want to talk, press *6 again and you will un-mute yourself. *6 is like a toggle button for muting on and off.

* Always be mindful if you are on mute and the noise level around you. If you’re not on mute, the whole class can hear your conversation and the noise around you! The quality of the class is completely dependent upon the participants respect for keeping the line quiet. Please be considerate and don’t have a conversation (even if you think you’re whispering), don’t do the dishes and don’t answer the door while on the webinar unless you’re sure you have muted your line!

* Also, please do not put us on-hold if you are in an office environment or on a phone that is not your own. There may be “hold music” played that will be transmitted to the call. If you need to take another call, it’s fine to hang up from the webinar and call in again.

Joining the Webinar

* In the beginning of the webinar, the instructor may ask for participants to identify themselves. You can identify yourself or not, it’s up to you, but we’d love to know you’re there!

* If you have to join late, that’s OK, just dial in and join in the discussion where the class is. However, please do not ask to go over material that has already been covered.


* The webinars are structured to be interactive, however, at certain times and with certain topics specific material needs to be presented. There will always be a point when the instructor will ask if there are questions or comments.

* When you do make a comment or ask a question, please identify yourself first so the whole class knows who is speaking. So say something like: “Hi, this is Debbie, I have a comment about that….”

* The instructor is responsible for facilitating the conversation, please respect this facilitation and follow the lead of the instructor.

* With regard to the other participants, please avoid talking over other class participants.

* Please be brief when you do speak, providing only relevant information. If more is required, the instructor will ask you to expand on your comments. It’s important that all participants are given equal opportunity to share.

* Please also be respectful of the opinions and information that will be shared. You’re welcome to disagree with others, but please avoid provoking or engaging in an argument. Remember, you can disagree without being disagreeable! We are all here to learn!

* Be ready to listen, participate and learn. In other words, don’t be watching TV or surfing the internet or having a conversation during the webinar. Be ready to take notes. Just like you take notes in a regular classroom setting, there is always a lot of information and ideas shared during a webinar. You don’t want to forget or miss anything!

* Always ask a question if you are confused. If something is unclear to you, it’s likely others don’t understand also.

Confidentiality and Rights of Use

* Please do not share the webinar link or phone number and pass code with anyone else.

* There may be sensitive or confidential information shared by other participants. Please do not disclose this information to others outside of the webinar – we’ll protect your privacy just as we expect you to protect ours.

* Webinars may be recorded by TeneoTalent staff only – participants may never record any TeneoTalent webinar. By participating in any TeneoTalent webinar, you give TeneoTalent permission to use the recording for its use only.

* Webinar material is copyrighted intellectual material of TeneoTalent and its Career Coaches. Webinar material may only be used by the participants of the class for their private and personal use only.