When Customers Become Friends

July 1, 2012

Relationships are paramount in business to business consultative selling.  Relationships exist on different levels but avoid confusing wanting approval, and courtesy with real trust.  For some salespeople and customers, juggling the relationship with business is not an issue.  For others the relationship can actually interfere with selling.  Are you making social, ‘How are ya?’ calls and not asking validating questions, or new need questions, or getting other information?  If so, you are at risk!  At least one study reports that hunters (great prospectors) are better at protecting existing business than farmers (account managers) because they continually inquire about new problems and new opportunities.  Your stronger competitors are doing the same thing now!  Remember, no assumptions in selling.  Learn when to separate business from friendships, and how to use both to leverage greater sales.

“A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship” - John D Rockefeller

Garry Duncan is the President of Leadership Connections, Inc., a consulting and training group focusing on the performance, growth and management of sales teams in business to business sales efforts.  Seehttp://www.leadershipconnections.com/index.html


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