Being the Best You

January 16, 2012

by Malinda Mosholder

The truth of our world and culture is that judgments are made in a split second. Our senses are so bombarded at all times that we have learned how to multi-task our decision making to an incredibly streamlined process that we barely notice it. At the grocery store, we scan over every apple that we don’t want and snatch up the one we do, while silently scoffing at the garish get up adorning the person beside us and deciding something about them–something that we couldn’t possibly know. Unless, of course, it is written on their shirt.

Here’s the non newsflash of 2012: Everybody does this. It is human nature to survey your surroundings, as it is also human nature for your brain to rifle through hundreds of scenarios and thoughts.

a collection of mirrors

Taken a deeper look lately?

Like it or not, this is being done to you by every person you encounter, especially new people, and like it or not, you are doing it to them. This is not a bad thing, by any means, and can be a helpful reminder to portray yourself how you want to be seen. The easiest ways to do this are through dress, demeanor, and speech, whether it be in your everyday repertoire or something a little different such as a meeting or interview.

Take a little time to really think about who you are, and who you would like to be to anyone that you meet. What is your general attitude portraying? What are your clothes saying about you? What do you normal say when asked, “How are you doing today?” Making sure that the answers you have are aligned with the person you want to be. A little focus and reflection each day will go a long way.

The world simply would not run if people didn’t judge other people. When you know yourself and your surroundings, putting the best YOU forward will just come naturally, and the effect that it will have on everyone’s path that you may cross is incredible.

Photo by: kitschcafe

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