Know the Selling Steps that Lead to Closing a Sale!

March 10, 2012

Are your selling steps leading you underwater?

From Leadership Connections:

Being skilled in using a sales process is like leading a dance.  If you dance  with a great dancer, you want to dance all night.  Being with a poor dancer prompts partners to make excuses, such as “I love to dance, but I have to make a  call,” or other reasons to get away.  Selling is similar.  Do you know and expect the excuses prospects use to get away from you?  How can you differentiate between real sales objections and stalls from those that are smoke?  Is the current way you handle them working well?  If stalls and objections still trip up your sales interviews, you may need a better sales process.  You must know the moves and steps to dance. When selling, first try reaching consensus with your prospect on the steps necessary to reach a point when they will be able to make a decision to buy or not to buy.  Sellers have the benefit of many freedoms.  The freedom to ‘wing it’ is also one of the most common reasons for failure.

“When you win, nothing hurts.” – Joe Namath

photo by: arbyreed

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