Sales Prospecting Success: Consistency is the Key Selling Skill

February 23, 2012

From Leadership Connections:

Are your sales techniques bringing in the gold?

Finding prospects, qualifying, closing, and account management (sales implementation) are the major activities of selling.  Tracking surveys show that nearly 80% of sellers spend less than 20% of their time initiating contacts to prospects by making a cold telephone call, walk in, networking, or asking for referrals.  Yet the ability to prospect is the trademark of top producers. Whatever your method of finding new customers remember these points–Your approach should be repeatable, manageable, consistent, and productive.  Also, there is something wrong if you are not having some degree of fun.  Of the previous points which is most important?  The answer is consistency.  You will have greater overall success if you prospect consistently. Making mad dash efforts every now and then will only frustrate you, and at best produce moderate results.  Only one activity should take priority over prospecting and that would be closing an existing opportunity.

“You can get sympathy or you can get better but you can’t get both.  You
can be in your comfort zone or you can have growth, but you can’t have both.
You can be interested or you can be sold-out-committed, but you can’t entertain
both. You can have excuses or have results, but you can’t do both” 
- Mario Cortes

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photo by: Scootie

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