Recruiter Tips

  1. Encourage your candidates to register on the site, upload their resume and take the assessment.  After they have registered, ask them to identify you on their “My Profile” page in the dropdown list of recruiters following the question “If you have been in touch with one of our recruiters, which one?”  Their response will then be transferred and stored.”
  2. Job postings:
    1. Send to Malinda (Malinda Mosholder m_mosholder@yahoo.com) to post on site.
    2. Send job description to Edwin Dean, and he will send out a weekly mass mailing from Aweber to our subscriber base.
    3. TeneoTalent Facebook and Twitter page.
    4. Your Linkedin groups.
    5. ZipRecruiter,  another web-based platform for job distribution, allows you to take a free trial.
  3. Candidate Sourcing:
    1. Linkedin job alerts save searches
    2. ZoomInfo
    3. Accessible job boards
  4. Promotional Activities
    1. Join Linkedin group (50), especially local.
    2. Post our weekly blogs and webinars on the discussions of these groups to publicize your name and draw candidates to the site.  Sign up on the site for RSS feed to receive notification of updates to blogs and webinars.
  5. Ask Kathy for passwords to Twitter and Facebook pages of TeneoTalent.
  6. Linkedin, please see Kathy’s profile and copy it into yours if you like.  Connect with other team members in Linkedin to share sales connections.
  7. TeneoTalent Elevator Pitch

TeneoTalent.com is a national online sales recruiting agency. With our proprietary matching technology, we’re able to discern: a candidate’s genetic ability to sell, the product or services they are best at selling, and the business culture fit where they will thrive.

TeneoTalent offers a new approach to sales recruiting that uses assessments for the candidates and employers for long-term fits. In essence, we are the ‘e-Harmony’ of sales recruiting. We are internet based, and every candidate is pre-qualified through our assessment process and by our thorough screening process.  We recruit nation-wide and provide both traditional and objective methods in selecting and presenting the most qualified and talented sales professionals.  A complete sales report is presented along with each candidate.

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