How We’re Different

Sales Professional Focus

Not many firms specialize in sales. But regardless of the economy, good sales people are always in demand. And many companies often have the same job description and requirements in multiple locations at the same time.

We serve the needs of sales candidates and employers in unique ways.

For employers:

  • We offer every employer an assessment to help identify their sales culture and determine the competencies needed for a specific sales job.
  • We provide the employer a sales assessment report on every candidate.
  • Our innovative technology matches background, skills and culture.

For sales candidates:

  • Every candidate is given a sales assessment (view sample sales report) to identify strengths and weaknesses, inner core competencies and predicted performance in any given aspect of the sales cycle.
  • We offer a motivational assessment (view sample motivational report) to every candidate we place to help offer guidance to sales leaders in ways to keep their sales team thriving.
  • We offer three months of coaching with certified career coaches to facilitate a smooth transition into their new position.

As you know, the sales candidate you place today can become tomorrow’s hiring manager. It’s critical the professionals placed are fully vetted.

The assessments are provided by SHL Group Ltd., a leading global provider of workplace talent assessment solutions. Sales leaders can evaluate current team members to create a benchmark profile that gives the hiring manager and you a better understanding of the optimal fit. The correct use of the assessments can lead to lower turnover of sales staff, greater productivity and result in a close relationship with sales leaders.

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