TeneoTalent Business Practices

Our platform, rules and procedures are all designed to create trust and effective communication among the team members who are the foundation of our business. We believe in an open book.

You may be a client development manager (CM), a recruiter who finds and works with candidates (talent manager or TM), a talent support agent (sourcer), or you can operate a full desk. The CM will choose the TM(s) and/or sourcers they would like to work with.

Your good reputation as a team member is important if you want to receive support from others, and it is in everyone’s best interest to be transparent and to communicate. Trust is created this way. The whole point of our model is to create a support system that fills more jobs and benefits everyone. Members who do not abide by the rules in this handbook will be asked to leave. We have engaged you because you met our high standards of experience, culture fit and skillset. It is everybody’s responsibility to encourage trust, integrity working with each other, and building success.

Any concerns, disagreements or questions should be presented to Kathy Dean, who will mediate and make the final decision. Feel free to offer your suggestions in the “comments” box at the bottom of this page as to additions or modifications to our rules, that you think can help this virtual team to function more effectively.

Client Managers

  • The CM engages the client, works the client and drives and leads the placement process. He selects the candidates to submit to the client and then manages the subsequent steps through closing. He manages all communication.
  • A CM can “own” a client only if he has obtained a signed fee agreement from the client and submitted it to TaneoTalent, and entered the contact data. His ownership extends only to the named hiring manager. There are no defined regions or territories, but CM’s can only solicit employers that are not already listed. Clients are defined by hiring centers.
  • In order to maintain his ownership of a client, the CM must make a placement within six months of signing the fee agreement. Once a placement is made, he is protected for the following twelve months, subject to end of year review by TeneoTalent.
  • TeneoTalent uses a standard client fee agreement, which can be modified only with the approval of TeneoTalent. No job posting is complete without a signed fee agreement.
  • When a placement is made, the CM will enter the information into a database, and TaneoTalent will automatically generate the invoice for the placement. A coput of the invoice will be sent to the CM and any involved TM. TeneoTalent is responsible for collection.
  • CM must immediately give notice of all falloffs toTeneoTalent, and to any involved TM or sourcer.
  • CM can engage TM’s and agree between them on the statement of work,  description of the client recruitment process, and prequalification of candidates. The CM will provide a copy of this agreement to TeneoTalent.
  • CM will use the TeneoTalent marketing materials, logo and process.
  • CM has the right to source candidates directly, even if a TM has been engaged.

Talent Managers

  • A TM “owns” a candidate only if that candidate has:
    • Registered on the site, uploaded his resume, and taken the SHL Group Ltd. sales assessment. The TM will receive an email notification when the assessment has been completed.
    • Identified the recruiter on his “My Profile” page of the site as his referring source.
  • This ownership is valid for a six month period from the date the assessment is completed.
  • When ownership has been established, and the candidate is placed by another TM within six months of establishment, the owning TM will be entitled to receive 10% of the placing TM’s portion of the fee.
  • Candidates that are submitted into this database who are not designed as “owned” are available to be worked by any team member, but accurate contact notes must be recorded.
  • TM’s are not allowed to poach candidates from existing clients.
  • If a TM has been engaged by a CM as above, all communication with a candidate will be made through the TM, and the TM must communicate to the CM a candidate’s status and level of interest.
  • Once engaged, the TM is responsible to identify appropriate candidates, interview by phone or in person, and monitor any resume rewriting and cover letters, if necessary.
  • The TM will be responsible for candidate interview preparation.
  • The TM is allowed to work his candidate on multiple job openings, but he must keep the CM informed of this activity.
  • The TM can designate his candidate in Bullhorn as being “active,” “on hold” or “placed.”  He or she is responsible for keeping the status current.
  • All job advertisements must be made in a format approved by TeneoTalent.


  • Although the CM is in charge of the job assignment, any team member can reach out to offer his or her support in the process.
  • Any team member may elect to perform any of these roles in a particular assignment.
  • All team members are free to choose the other members they wish to work with.
  • Any tools usage time slots must be reserved through our calendar.



  • The standard fee split between CM and TM will be 50/50. If a talent sourcer has been engaged, his or her compensation will be negotiated by the team member who engaged him or her, and the arrangement will be noted.

Talent Sourcer

  • Either a CM or a TM can choose to engage a talent sourcer to provide a list of potential candidate names.

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